We will do what the other guys cannot!


Set sail on our beautiful 22' Morgan sailboat out of Cornucopia, WI into Siskiwit Bay. The lake here is open water and ideal for learning true sailing techniques. The mainland seacaves are just a couples hours sail from the harbor and are by far the largest caves in the area.

Since the area is in open water, these trip are more weather dependent than our Bayfield launch. The captain requires safety as his first priority and may offer a reschedule or a full refund if the weather is poor.

Popular Routes

Some of our most popular tours are:
  • Lighthouse Visit
  • A tour around an island
  • Sea Cave Adventure

About the Boat

Mythique - A more adventurous boating experience, Ideal for a crew of 2-4. Learn basic sailing techniques while exploring the Apostles by wind power.

Sea Caves and Sea Stacks

Meyer's Beach Sea Caves
Sand Island
Swallow Point
Stockton Island
Balancing Rock
Devil's Island
Sea Caves


Julian Beach
Home of the singing sand
Long Island
This island is nothing but beach
Oak Island
Sand Spit


Raspberry Island
Sand Island
Michigan Island
Devil's Island

Popular Campsites

Stockton Island
With 19 campsites in Presque Isle alone, Stockton offers the best camping facilities in the park
Otter Island
Private site
Basswood Island
Close by
Oak Island
The tallest of the islands
Devil's Island
Very Isolated