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La Pointe

Located on Madeline Island, the town of La Pointe offers shopping, food, and historical charm for visitors. Bikes can be rented here to tour the rest of the island, one third of which is parks and nature reserves. Mainly a tourist town, the population rises from 250 in the winter to 2500 residents in the summer. The island is accessible by ferry in the summer and by ice bridge in the winter. Many cabins, hotels, and campsites are available on the as a resting point before discovering the rest of the islands. Travelers can explore nearby interests such as The Madeline Island Museum or Heritage Site. The island is even home to a par 71, 18 hole golf course.

La Pointe History

The area of La Pointe was first developed in the late 17th century as a French trading post. Michel Cadotte, a fur trader, founded the town as an American Fur Company outpost in the late 18th century. The Ojibwa tribe leader Chief Buffalo, Kechewaishke, was born in La Pointe. He is known for securing permanent reservations for the Ojibwa people near Lake Superior. Be sure to visit the Madeline Island Museum for a in depth look into the history of La Pointe.

Valet Service

Water Taxi from Bayfield to La Pointe is $20 per person.