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The Apostle Islands offers remote wilderness camping as well as family camping both on and off the mainland. Popular camping destinations include Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island, Stockton Island, and Buffalo Bay Campground in Red Cliff. Camping through the National Park Service (NPS) is available on 18 of the 21 islands and there is also one mainland location. A permit needs to be acquired for all the NPS campsites by calling (715) 779-3397. Individual campsites (one to seven people) can be reserved for $10 a night up to one month ahead of time. Group campsites (eight to 20 people) can be reserved after the first week of January.
Backcountry zones are also available on 15 of the islands for $10 a night. The zones are not shown on the campsite map, but are available at the visitor center. Only one group of up to 5 people is allowed in a zone per night. These zones require backpacking to the campsite and "Leave no Trace" camping techniques.

Valet Service

PMG Charters will drop you and your gear off and pick you up at you camping destinations. Our rates can be viewed here.

Individual and Group Campsites